50 Amazing Ideas For Valentine Handmade Cards

Are you running short of time and consider making valentine handmade cards? No problem, you can always show your love in a unique and more special way that reveals your creativity and is unbelievably fun.

The valentine handmade cards need not be elaborate or there are no rules for it have long and lengthy statements. You can always keep it short and sweet. A few simple ideas are:

  • Turn a simple prop of the birthday party in a valentine handmade cared. You just need to pick a blank note card, use the glue and stick the candles on it and with a felt tip marker, mark on the tip with small heart symbols. Beneath the candles, write in lovely bright colors ‘You are my love light’.
  • Most men love cars and you can make use of this and take a blank note card. Stick a small toy car or use bright red crayon and draw a car. Use felt tip marker and write ‘You are the only person to make my heart race’. Use the crayon and draw from the words to the car a line, showing the race.
  • Take a blank note card, use the glue and stick a key or draw a key in bright red color. Just write simple words ‘Key to my heart’ using the felt tip marker.
  • Take a blank note card, use the glue and stick two puzzles that fit each other. Stick it separately and write ‘We perfectly fit’.


There are amazing ways of making valentine handmade cards. It all depends on the time and being thoughtful. Even your simplest idea can have the best creativity. After all you are not winning some price; it is all about conveying your love to your love. The best are the handmade cards that has your personal touch.

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