50 Creative Homemade (DIY) Christmas Decorations Ideas

People like to do shopping for the Christmas decorations and they love to decorate the Christmas tree with different beautiful items. But it will be more fun if you create your own homemade decorations using your creative ideas. It will also be the best way to keep your children busy in some healthy activity and to help you in the Christmas decorations. You can spend more quality time with your children in making the decorations and it will relish you by the old memories of your childhood.

Making the homemade Christmas decorations by your own is a time valuing task and it will also save your money. Your children can help you a lot in this task because they have been decorating their classrooms for Christmas and can help you well. You just have to put your creative ideas into work. Once the ideas start flowing through your mind, you can select the most suitable one and can go for it. And with the help of your family members you can definitely make a blast with the decorations and can also make your Christmas tree look marvelous and beautiful.

There are some useful tips with the help of which you can make your Christmas decorations easily and less costly. There are some DIY projects which you can utilize for the decoration purpose and they are:

Pine cones

The classic decorations always remain in fashion and they never go out of trend. This type of decoration is a little bit complicated but when you have started working on the basic theme, then it becomes easy to proceed. All you need is the pine cones of different sizes and the grapevine wreaths. If you live in an area surrounded by the pine trees then it will be easy for you to get the pines cones. Otherwise all this stuff is available at any craft store and you can get from that. Take almost thirty to fifty pine cones and place some hot glue at their end and stick them to the wreath. Start gluing the pine cones from one side of the tree and move the other way till it is completed. You can also place the cones of different sizes on the tree in a regular pattern.

Decorative Christmas throw pillows

The throw pillows can give your room an entire different look. It changes the appearance and these homemade Christmas decorations can be easily made with the garments already available in your house. You can select the fabric of your choice and can choose the colors like golden, green, red and silver. You can also visit to a fabric outlet to get more ideas about the project. You will find lots of options in the cloth store and can buy the cool fabric stuff from there. After that you have to sew the fabric and put some cover on them. Or you can use the old pillows and wrap them up in the new fabric.

Natural decoration pieces

Go outdoor with you family and search some tree cuttings, wood pieces, stones, small pebbles and leaves. You can spray them in rust color or can give them a golden and silver shade and put them in the bowl. Tie a ribbon around the bowl and here it goes. A beautiful natural decoration piece is ready to enhance the beauty of the room. It is low cost décor and is best suitable for the living room.

Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece

You can also make a beautiful and attractive Christmas centerpiece by using a bowl and some floating candles. It is an elegant item and looks very colorful. Take a bowl and fill it with clean water. Put some floating candles in it and place the bowl on the Christmas placement. You can also place the bowl in any plate and then surround it with different Christmas items and decoration pieces. You can also use the scented candles to spread beautiful fragrance in the entire room which you have decorated for Christmas.


You can also hang the pompoms on the Christmas decorations and these can be made at your own home. All you need is some wool and fabric. You can also take the help of your children to make small round balls and wrap them with the shiny fabric and hang them up. The Christmas socks also look great on the tree. You can make all these homemade Christmas decorations items using your skills and asking your family members to lend you a hand. And also do not forget to make the snowman and having fun with your children while decorating it.

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