DIY Décor: Making Curtains Yourself

Curtains are one of the top recommended house décor and for us women, they are necessary things to do first in your house. Trends and fashion do change from time to time and in this condition changing your curtains now and then is really not an easy task for the reason being your money and time wastage. But this is not to get sad because you can make these curtains easily at your home too with just little and effort. Following ideas would help you getting your desired curtains:

1. Cutting Curtain Cloth

Cutting Curtain ClothGet curtain cloth from any cloth market or even curtain market, it is easily available. Measure the length of your doors and windows with a measuring tape to the length and width you want your curtains to be. Now cut the cloth into two or more pieces according to same length and width.

2. Stitch Sides of the Curtain Cloth

Stitch the sides or edges of the curtain cloth to give it a finishing. This has to be done in same way as you stitch your cloths. Overlap these edges with fine thread to make them perfect.

3. Dye Curtained Cloths

Dye Curtained Cloths

Make a color dye with very hot water of your favorite color let’s say red. Now dip the curtain cloth from center to end in it for at least 5 hours. You can leave the upper portion plain or can dye it in any other dye using same process. Now hang them in sunlight and let them dry naturally.

4.  Fabric Painting

Fabric PaintingThis is an optional stage but it adds desire beauty in your curtains. Paint your curtains with good fabric paints according to your mood, like making floral, animal, funky or any natural painting on it.

5. Hang them

Hang courtains

Your curtains are ready to be hanged. Hang them on your selected desired location.

Below there are few other DIY Curtain Ideas for you

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