Top 100 DIY Storage Ideas

People can organize their entire house and get their life in a line with some diy storage ideas. If people think that their house is overwhelmed with clutter, then they can provide some diy storage ideas which are easy to make.
There are lots of sections to storage to be orderly as mirror makeover, rolling storage and Fabric lined crate.

Also, it is cheap and easy to make them. For example, when you want to make a fabric lined crate, all you need is just a crate and fabric which are outmoded and some pins. All you must do is just clean the crate and pin the fabric inside crate. You can storage toys, sports suppliers and whatever you want inside fabric lined crate.

If you want to create and empty space in your house which can be useable, then you can apply rolling storage. For making rolling storage, all you can need is just 4 rollers, a craft and a cabinet pull. You can see that you can create an empty space under your bed or any places of house.

If you have also can which are used and you don’t want to be wasteful, then you can manage a little tin can organizer project. All you need is just a few more cans and spray paint. You can paint them as you wish. There is only one problem is that you should wait for paint to dry and then just put your pencils or whatever you want inside it to make your desk orderly.

Also, you can make a mirror makeover to never forget your keys or other objects when you go out from home. Also, when you come home, you can hang your keys and bags, umbrellas and more and organize them easily with mirror makeover. Don’t forget check yourself from mirror before leaving from home!

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These 60+ DIY Kitchen Decor Ideas Can Upgrade Your Kitchen

Some people think that replacing the old kitchen cabinets with the new ones is the only way to upgrade with a new kitchen decor and that it is much expensive way to give your home kitchen a new and modern look. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on kitchen remodel. It is possible to upgrade your kitchen and give it new attractive look at a price that you can afford. Do it yourself kitchen decor ideas allow you to modify your kitchen as you want.
Let’s have a look at some effective DIY kitchen decor ideas.

Kitchen Paint

It is least expensive and easiest way to upgrade your kitchen. Semi gloss latex paint is considered best to use around the kitchen windows and doors. Ever wash the kitchen walls and ceiling with trisodium phosphate before painting. It will give an outstanding look inside the kitchen. Repainting the kitchen cabinets with an attractive color also make the kitchen unique and attractive. While working with small size kitchen never use dark paintings because it make the kitchen to appear more small and narrow.

Kitchen Floor

Kitchen Rugs are best and least expensive way to transform to tired kitchen flooring. There is great and wide variety of kitchen rugs available in the market. You have a great choice to choose the best one at cheap and affordable price. It will help you to get rid of from slippery floor, dust and make kitchen more unique and attractive.

Kitchen Lightening

Use of lightening in kitchen also depends upon the size and space of kitchen. Ever avoid from suing dark or dim light inside the small, cozy and narrow kitchen. Dark light make the kitchen to appear more cozy and narrow. Avoid from using dark wall paintings inside the large size kitchen because it make kitchen bland and nasty.

Kitchen Organize Kitchen

An organized kitchen always looks unique, beautiful, and attractive and upgrade, no matter how much expensive kitchen cabinets or other accessories are. Organize your kitchen accessories in an excellent way and ever allow them to shine greatly at bay. An empty wall of kitchen gives you an airy feeling.


Kitchen decor or remodel

It is dream of everyone to design and decorate the home to make it look elegant and classy. No doubt people spend a lot of money when it comes to remodeling of the home. Kitchen decor remodel is a perfect idea to increase and enhance the overall look of the home. In case you want to sell your home and by doing remodeling in the kitchen you can certainly increase the value of the home. There are some remodel ideas for the kitchen that one can apply to the home and see the instant impact of remodel on the overall look of the home.

It has been noticed that homes in the urban areas have less space to accommodate kitchen and bathroom. For kitchen remodel or kitchen Decor it is great to start changing with the cabinets. Cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen as they will give fabulous look to the kitchen. Instead of changing your kitchen cabinets with the new one try to find out the second hand cabinet door from any auction. Sometime proper research will give you great results. In these auctions you can find good quality drawers, doors, windows, cabinet doors and other accessories on cheap and affordable rates.

Changing the paint of the kitchen will certainly add the beauty of the kitchen. The kitchen remodel includes the changing of light, you can add new lights that certainly will enhance the kitchen look. Changing the cupboards is also vital to improve the look of the kitchen. Try to place the glass in front of cupboard as it will give brand new impression in the mind.

Tiles are important, due to the use of kitchen for food preparation and dish washing some of the tiles got damage and it is vital for an owner to change the tiles for kitchen remodel. It is true that kitchen is the place where you spend a lot of time like cooking, cleaning and sometime people discuss matters with parent while cooking.

The kitchen remodel or kitchen decor adds beauty to your home and certainly plays a vital role in making interior of the home look classy. Many people who have good amount of money hire the services of interior designer for the decoration and renovation of the kitchen. Kitchen remodel is one time investment so it is vital for you to get the top quality stuff in the kitchen as it will increase the working life of the kitchen. Good luck.

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Insanely Smart 50+ DIY Valentine Card Ideas For You

Valentine cards are truly special as it covers the extra mile when you express you love to your loved ones. However valentine card ideas can begin from your home. Making personalized cards for your loved ones always conveys a bond of love. There is no need to buy expensive items. Basic things such as scissors, pencil, a glue stick and markers are enough to craft a craft paper. Here are few ideas:

  • Use the scrapbooking papers. They are the best though they appear simple. Use good color combination and make unique patterns and ensure your card has the required sophistication. Draw different shapes, flowers and patterns to create stunning decorations and make beautiful valentine card.
  • Add dimension to simple valentine card ideas. This can be done by attaching ribbons or three-dimensional flowers such that it adds interest to the cards.
  • Gently rub at the card edges an ink pad, it is a fascinating way to create a colorful edge and it also has softened edges.
  • Ensure the edges are decorative. You can do it with scissors or colors. Give wave edges and ensure sophisticated designs. You can experiment new ideas and also make mistakes. Do not fear, even from mistakes you will learn something new that will be useful next time.


Preparing cards are not new; it is into practice from your school days. Besides, now there are endless ways to make valentines card. Even if you lack ideas check the internet for valentine card ideas, you will be pleased as there are ideas to suit every person’s taste.

There are handmade card ideas to romantic and traditional styles, you may consider the relationship, personal taste and decide exactly on a card. Regardless of the number of gifts, always cards have a special place and are sure to impress the recipient.

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Brilliant 40+ DIY Love Gifts

Valentine Day is near and the time of the year has come again for gifting to your girlfriend/boyfried , Wife/Husband. Sometimes buying gifts may be confusing or you may lack time and at such times considering diy love gifts is the best. Fret or not, there are plenty of ideas, with a bit of concentration and idea, you can create great gifts that your loved ones fall in love with.

Gifts need not always be something displaying your creativity. It can be anything that is parted with love. It carries a lot of meaning as it conveys a beautiful message of love and care.


  • One of the best diy love gifts is a woolen scarf. If you know knitting it is the best gift for your love. It will be used during cold winters and ensures the person is protected from cold winds.
  • Even gifting DIY kits is admirable. The internet is very helpful that allows building anything. There are amazing tutorials that the internet offers giving a chance to learn different and new skills. A DIY kit helps doing everything and so is the best gift kit. You can get a construction kit, if you know the person whom you are gifting is interested in building things or get an electrical kit if they are passionate about fixing things. However, ensure their interest.
  • Another lovable gift is to make a simple photo frame using a thick cardboard. You can use your creativity or learn it from someone and decorate the borders with color papers, or colors and make it attractive. This photo frame can have their photo inserted to be placed on the table and it truly makes memorable diy love gifts.


Gifts are not expected to be specific, but it is best to consider how useful it may be for the person you wish to gift.

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50 Amazing Ideas For Valentine Handmade Cards

Are you running short of time and consider making valentine handmade cards? No problem, you can always show your love in a unique and more special way that reveals your creativity and is unbelievably fun.

The valentine handmade cards need not be elaborate or there are no rules for it have long and lengthy statements. You can always keep it short and sweet. A few simple ideas are:

  • Turn a simple prop of the birthday party in a valentine handmade cared. You just need to pick a blank note card, use the glue and stick the candles on it and with a felt tip marker, mark on the tip with small heart symbols. Beneath the candles, write in lovely bright colors ‘You are my love light’.
  • Most men love cars and you can make use of this and take a blank note card. Stick a small toy car or use bright red crayon and draw a car. Use felt tip marker and write ‘You are the only person to make my heart race’. Use the crayon and draw from the words to the car a line, showing the race.
  • Take a blank note card, use the glue and stick a key or draw a key in bright red color. Just write simple words ‘Key to my heart’ using the felt tip marker.
  • Take a blank note card, use the glue and stick two puzzles that fit each other. Stick it separately and write ‘We perfectly fit’.


There are amazing ways of making valentine handmade cards. It all depends on the time and being thoughtful. Even your simplest idea can have the best creativity. After all you are not winning some price; it is all about conveying your love to your love. The best are the handmade cards that has your personal touch.

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50 Creative Homemade (DIY) Christmas Decorations Ideas

People like to do shopping for the Christmas decorations and they love to decorate the Christmas tree with different beautiful items. But it will be more fun if you create your own homemade decorations using your creative ideas. It will also be the best way to keep your children busy in some healthy activity and to help you in the Christmas decorations. You can spend more quality time with your children in making the decorations and it will relish you by the old memories of your childhood.

Making the homemade Christmas decorations by your own is a time valuing task and it will also save your money. Your children can help you a lot in this task because they have been decorating their classrooms for Christmas and can help you well. You just have to put your creative ideas into work. Once the ideas start flowing through your mind, you can select the most suitable one and can go for it. And with the help of your family members you can definitely make a blast with the decorations and can also make your Christmas tree look marvelous and beautiful.

There are some useful tips with the help of which you can make your Christmas decorations easily and less costly. There are some DIY projects which you can utilize for the decoration purpose and they are:

Pine cones

The classic decorations always remain in fashion and they never go out of trend. This type of decoration is a little bit complicated but when you have started working on the basic theme, then it becomes easy to proceed. All you need is the pine cones of different sizes and the grapevine wreaths. If you live in an area surrounded by the pine trees then it will be easy for you to get the pines cones. Otherwise all this stuff is available at any craft store and you can get from that. Take almost thirty to fifty pine cones and place some hot glue at their end and stick them to the wreath. Start gluing the pine cones from one side of the tree and move the other way till it is completed. You can also place the cones of different sizes on the tree in a regular pattern.

Decorative Christmas throw pillows

The throw pillows can give your room an entire different look. It changes the appearance and these homemade Christmas decorations can be easily made with the garments already available in your house. You can select the fabric of your choice and can choose the colors like golden, green, red and silver. You can also visit to a fabric outlet to get more ideas about the project. You will find lots of options in the cloth store and can buy the cool fabric stuff from there. After that you have to sew the fabric and put some cover on them. Or you can use the old pillows and wrap them up in the new fabric.

Natural decoration pieces

Go outdoor with you family and search some tree cuttings, wood pieces, stones, small pebbles and leaves. You can spray them in rust color or can give them a golden and silver shade and put them in the bowl. Tie a ribbon around the bowl and here it goes. A beautiful natural decoration piece is ready to enhance the beauty of the room. It is low cost décor and is best suitable for the living room.

Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece

You can also make a beautiful and attractive Christmas centerpiece by using a bowl and some floating candles. It is an elegant item and looks very colorful. Take a bowl and fill it with clean water. Put some floating candles in it and place the bowl on the Christmas placement. You can also place the bowl in any plate and then surround it with different Christmas items and decoration pieces. You can also use the scented candles to spread beautiful fragrance in the entire room which you have decorated for Christmas.


You can also hang the pompoms on the Christmas decorations and these can be made at your own home. All you need is some wool and fabric. You can also take the help of your children to make small round balls and wrap them with the shiny fabric and hang them up. The Christmas socks also look great on the tree. You can make all these homemade Christmas decorations items using your skills and asking your family members to lend you a hand. And also do not forget to make the snowman and having fun with your children while decorating it.

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