DIY Décor: Making Central Carpet With Rugs

Decoration and art go hand in hand and they are biggest thing that demonstrate anyone’s creativity. Making things from things is really a creative work and is not always difficult. In our daily lives, we wish to buy so many things from markets which is off course a money consuming task. Making these day to day your own is really budget favorable as well as enjoyable task. I love to make things by my own to decorate my home and trust me it’s very simple. Central carpets are so much in fashion these days. Your whole home being made of marble requires few areas of it to be embellished with central carpets. Buying them from market is off course one of top options but making them at home is very simple, easy and creative task. You can make central carpets easily by rugs in following ways:

Small Space Custom Rug Step 2

1. Gather small Rugs

Gather around 10 to 12 small or 5 to 6 medium rugs from any super market or even from carpets market. You can get funky, romantic, and cartoonish or any kind of rug from which you want to make central carpet. These rugs should be of same sizes to accommodate each other easily.

2. Combine All Rugs

Now combine these all rugs together with stapler or stitch them with thick thread if you can. Put them all in horizontal position like three in one step, three in second and so on. Continue stapling them with each other to make them stick fine.

3. Make a Boundary

Small Space Custom Rug

Make boundary with any jute rope. Keep attaching it at every point with staplers. Cover all four sides with that rope. It will make a very good boundary. Now your carpet is ready to place anywhere in bedroom, living room or dining room.

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DIY Gardening: How To Make A Pond In Your Garden

Your garden is really a biggest blessing for you and is always a fun filled task to decorate it more and more. You can decorate your garden with variety of things and among those great variety of things is making a pond in your garden. It sounds really tough and labor demanding task but trust me it is not that tough and within 5 to 10 days you can easily make a very good pond in your garden. Just follow the following steps:

1.       Selection of Area:

Off course the primary task is selection of an area. Select any corner of your house and start making the pond.

2.       Digging the Pond:

For that you would need a sharp axe. Ponds do need certain deepness in them to accommodate animals easily in winters. The colder your country is, the deeper should be the pond. Dig it deep with an axe. You have to make any one side of the pond sloppy so that animals can find good space to wander. When you dig that slope, keep the soil on the top side of the pond so that you can use it for later covering. After that remove small and big stones from pond area to make it fine.

3.       Lining the Pond:

Cover the exterior of pond with layer of sand. After that put any newspaper or burlap on it and after that finally place any waterproof liner on that newspaper which you can get from any home style market.

4.       Installing Pump and Edging the Pond:

Install pump on the central point of pond that can fetch good water when needed. Cut the pond liner about 5 inches to overlap it at the exterior. Put large stones on that exterior in level to the pond surface to make it look beautiful.

5.       Fill Water and Add Plants and Animals:

Fill water into pond via hose bit low to edge. Add water lilies and plants in it. You can place small plant pots on its edge too. Put frogs or fishes in the pond and enjoy it in your garden!

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DIY Gardening: How To Plant Vegetables In Your Garden

Garden is the most interesting area of your house and all you need to beautify is your creative mind. Vegetables are our daily needs and buying them daily sometimes gets out of budget. But there is an easy and interesting thing to fix your budget and that’s nothing than plant these vegetables in your garden! Yes that’s simple and trust me, it is a lot fun filled task. All you need is to go through following steps:

1.       Select the Part of the Garden for Planting vegetables

Planting vegetables

Whether you have a large or small garden, you must be cleared about the area you want to plant your veggies at. Select any area attached with your boundary wall as this helps in maintaining their extensions.

2.       Make a Parterre:

rised beds

After selecting area, you need to make a parterre on that area. Dig that area with an axe at least 3 feet down so that your pants roots would get enough space to nourish inside.

3.       Putting up Soil:

Vegetable Garden

Soil is an important ingredient without which your plants can never grow. However selection of a soil is very important. Potting soil is also known as potting compost is a best soil that is used for all types of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Fill 2 feet parterre with that soil to accommodate seeds of plants.

4.        Planting seeds of Vegetables:

Plant seeds of your selected vegetables into that parterre. Seeds usually take from months to years time to grow completely. If you can’t wait enough, then you can also plant in grown vegetable plants in your parterre by digging soil with dagger and then put the roots of plants. Cover these seeds / plants with top soil and then water them.

5.       Putting up Fences:

Rose Fence

It is always good to put up fences outside parterre to protect them. You can make wooden fences by pieces of woods, can make those with broken glasses or with wires. They always look great!

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DIY Gardening: How To Beautify Your Garden

Our garden is the most attractive part of our house and nevertheless we always want to embellish it with divine things as much as possible. Empty garden is just an attraction of few wild birds that find good way to roam around and off course a lonesome place to chatter your lonely times. But a green garden is not only a fun filled place but also a heaven to wonder and an ultimate source to beautify your house exterior. You can really embellish your garden in series of ways and for that you don’t need to hire any gardener and pay him heavy amounts. Following are some of the ideas that would help your beautifying your garden yourself:

Planting Different Types of Plants

Flower Beds


Well this is really very easy and interesting too and trust me you can do them finer than your gardener. All you need for this is soil, knife, dagger, plants (of your choice) and water. Dig the area of the garden where you want to plant your plants with a dagger. Put some soil in your garden area; you can get soil from any soil mart or from same plant nursery where you will get your desired plants. Now start planting your plants, covered them with top soil and water them. You can plant different types of fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Wooden Chairs and Tables

Wooden Chairs and Tables

You can make yourself wooden chairs and tables easily. All you need is pieces of wood, pencil, scale, axe, hammer, leveler and nails. Take woods, mark them with pencil and scale, cut them with axe, level them with leveler, take one piece and join it with another piece with nails and hammer. Continue doing it to make them into fine design.

Paint your Garden

Paint your Garden

Easy and most interesting. Buy any paint of your choice and paint walls, gates, fences and even floor with it. All you need is paint brush and paint tin and then here you go!

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