Girly Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Our bedrooms are the most personal and darling place of our house. Being a girl, we never want to leave a chance of decorating it more and more. They are our homes actually. Well, following are some ideas to make your room really look like an ideal girly room.

Paint it Pink

Girly Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Well for girls, pink color is innate, directly or indirectly it comes in any way. But to make it bit different you can use combinations to make it look really cute. Pink and white, pink and light blue, pink and purple or even pink and red are ideal combinations to go with. You can paint it plain white too and can add things that would make it look girly.

Decorations and Wallpapers

Girly Bedroom Decorating Ideas 2

Wallpapers are always good to make a label for room. Girly rooms can have wallpapers those of flowers, fruits, any art, actresses and so on. Decorations are ideal things to embellish your room like you want. Place wall hangers, wall frames, doors and windows wind chimes as they are ideal for girly room, paintings and family photos; fill your room with photos of your family and friends with you, place vases and standing lamps to make it look fresh.

Curtains and Lightning Fixtures

Curtains are really an important ingredient in making your room look like you want. Hang curtains in contrast with your room color; as for example if your room is pink and white then put on red curtain. Add new shades in them to make them look fine. Lightning fixtures really illuminate your room to good level. Have them those simple yet fancy ones.

Couches and Chair Swings

Place couches in your room to accommodate your friends and visitors, they look lovely. Chair swings are best options if you have enough space in your room to accommodate one. Place them near window and put in cushions, they are best ride while you are studying, listening songs and etc.

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