Top Super Hanging Flower Basket Ideas

Gardening is the most interesting work among all house chores. Garden being the most attractive area of your house needs your special attention that’s always in form of adding more beauty in it. Wall hanging flower baskets are my love and seriously I wish to fill my entire garden with it. They are most attention drivers especially when they are hang on gates and boundary walls. Making them is as easy as anything and for that you don’t need any qualified gardener, you can do it yourself by following simple steps:


1.       Getting a Wall Hanging Basket:

You can get wall hanging baskets from any house decorating shops or can get them right away from plant nursery too. They are usually bowl shape with a base made of iron and covered with dried nest or that of jute one along with chains on four sides combining to one holder to hang them easily anywhere you want.

2.       Putting in the soil and water:

Now from this step your basket is getting ready.  Fill half of the basket with potted soil, spread it to whole basket and then water it. Water is necessary to soak the soil and make it ready to accommodate plants in it.

3.       Planting different plants:

Well I just love this step a lot. You have to plant these plants in side and center of the basket according to your choice. Flowerless plants and those plants that have long extensions should be placed in side to welcome flowered plants in center. Put all these plants with their roots; they would be available with soiled bottom in nursery, put them with their soiled bottom to new soil. Now put the flower plants in center, you can place 5 to 6 types of plants in center easily. They really look beautiful together.

4.       Final Step:

After planting of these plants, put some more soil on them to nourish their roots further and then water them. Your beautiful flower basket is all ready to be hanged.


Some Hanging Flower Basket Ideas

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