Wedding Shower – Special Event For Bride

There are several traditions that are specifically attributed to weddings. Everyone likes these traditions because it spread smiles on the faces of the couples and also the guests. Wedding shower is one of the best traditions especially for bride because she gets number of gifts from friends and family. Wedding shower is proper organized and the groom family invites different friends and family and also the neighbors. When the day comes, bride get ready and wear nice dress and when the guests come they see the face of the bride and give different gifts to her.

Wedding shower has a hue history. In the past century, the wedding shower was maintained for those poor families who don’t afford to give dowry to their daughter and refuse to marry their daughter. In this situation people created this event. Wedding shower invitation cards are properly designed and sent to the guest so that they can visit the place on a specific date and bring gifts.

Organizing this event is not an easy task. There are so many things that are involved in it. The most important thing is wedding shower invitation cards. Because when you will not inform your guest that you have arranged an event then how they would know?

So when you are going to arrange such event then don’t forget to make your wedding shower invitation cards. You can design your own cards by using different software. If you know graphic designing then you will easily make it at your home. It will save your money and you can perform your duty within your budget limit.

The style of the wedding shower invitation card matters a lot because it will reflect your choice and taste. Search out different styles of cards on internet or if any of your friends is graphic designer then it is the best thing for you. You can tell him that which template you like the most.  Try to share it with your friend so that he can easily meet your needs. You can also send it through email to your friends.

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Keep Your House Secure By Installing DIY Alarm System

Now days, the security of homes are become very necessary.  Because we never know that when the burglars come to your house and steal all the things. So you should installed safety measures in your house. There are several security kits available in the market but these are very expensive. DIY alarm system kits are inexpensive as compare to other kits. The best thing about DIY alarm system is that you can easily install these kits in your house without asking anyone for help.

It is very essential for the individual to know its basics. The alarm system has sensor installed in it that will give you alert alarm if someone will enter into your home. There are different actions that are performed when the alarm start ringing.  It will create a loud noise, do different security measures like call the police and etc.

These DIY alarm systems are installed inside the walls so that nobody can easily remove or cut down. If you are not able to installed it properly then contact the experts plumber he will help you out in this aspect. It depends on you that you want to set any type of PIN number or not. PIN Number will secure your house and you can only enter inside your house. If you want to review your alarm system then the best idea is to set Hi tech fingerprint systems. In this way, when you will enter in your house you have to give your finger prints. So, no one can enter into your house without your permission and security pass.

When you are going to buy alarm systems in for your house then do a little research on it. Because burglar tendency is to dispose of the security measure so if you want to protect your house search out different alarm system on internet and get the best deal. If you are stuck on different system then read out the reviews or still if you are not satisfied then ask your friends or relative to guide you that which company is manufacturing the best alarm system.

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DIY Décor: Best Ideas For Christmas Burlap Wreath

One of the important things of our houses is our doors and windows which we often forget to decorate. Most of our concentration circulates in different rooms and their accessories and we dare less to think about our doors. Beautiful and decorative doors not only add beauty to your house but our also the attraction of pedestrians passing by your house, in short it is good attentions drivers. There are many things that can help you decorating your house doors and among them burlaps are one. Wreaths are our common entrance door preferences and making them with burlap in easy and beauty filled task. Just follow these steps and you are done decorating your entrance:

Fold it and Pin it

Have you ever made your up hairdo while making it into loose curls? Yes, like this picture. Fold this burlap same like your hair do and keep pining it on every curl. Now shape this curled burlap in circle. Curly it is not necessary, you can also make this circle by making it in French braid style or even knotting it like you do in your hairs. It’s tricky but if you are good at hairstyling then you won’t find it problematic.

Making it Fine

Simple pining may not help you completely, you need to staple it again to give it a fine touch. Now your burlap wreath is ready and needs bit decoration.

Decorating Wreath

Final step is decorating this wreath. Ribbon flowers are easily available from market or you can make them yourself by folding them into flower shape and adding a pearl on center. Take four to five ribbon flowers and pin them on right top in ascending order. Now fold a ribbon like a bow and pin it on down left or down right. Here your beautiful burlap wreath is ready to be hanged on your door.

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DIY Outdoor: Making Porch Plants For Summer

How often do you decorate your house outdoor? Is it daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly? Well for me this is at least a week’s task as that’s the most favorite area of my house. The major thing is love to do is arranging my plants as I have made a nursery and that’s totally hectic as well as fun filled task in managing it. Buying plants is my hobby and I am sure this is attached with so many people as well. But don’t you think its an expensive hobby? Well, nah not for me as I have got trick in making these plants at home by myself. You can really make them in following ways easily and cheaply.

In Plastic Bottles

greenery potted plants hung on the fence

We usually get water, milk or soft drinks in disposable plastic bottles and by nature we throw them. Don’t throw them instead utilize in making plants from them. Cut the bottle neck portion from start to half and keep the rest half intact. Put some soil on it and place different plants from roots. Here you are done!

Steel Tins

porch plants - Steel Tins

If you get steel tins in your home outdoors like those of paints and heavy beverages like ensure, pedia sure and so on, then don’t waste them in garbage. Make them beautify your porch. Wash them completely, put potted soil, any plants with roots, again soil and then water them. They look beautiful


porch plants bowls

This is not weird! You can make plant pots with deep bowl too that you use in your different house chores. Get those of deeper ones and with same method described above make plants from them. Off course they can’t be used for big plants, but they can be used for those of small path side ones or even those you place between rocks on ponds. Here you are decorating your porch in easy way.


Below are few other ideas for Porch Plants

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DIY Décor: Making Curtains Yourself

Curtains are one of the top recommended house décor and for us women, they are necessary things to do first in your house. Trends and fashion do change from time to time and in this condition changing your curtains now and then is really not an easy task for the reason being your money and time wastage. But this is not to get sad because you can make these curtains easily at your home too with just little and effort. Following ideas would help you getting your desired curtains:

1. Cutting Curtain Cloth

Cutting Curtain ClothGet curtain cloth from any cloth market or even curtain market, it is easily available. Measure the length of your doors and windows with a measuring tape to the length and width you want your curtains to be. Now cut the cloth into two or more pieces according to same length and width.

2. Stitch Sides of the Curtain Cloth

Stitch the sides or edges of the curtain cloth to give it a finishing. This has to be done in same way as you stitch your cloths. Overlap these edges with fine thread to make them perfect.

3. Dye Curtained Cloths

Dye Curtained Cloths

Make a color dye with very hot water of your favorite color let’s say red. Now dip the curtain cloth from center to end in it for at least 5 hours. You can leave the upper portion plain or can dye it in any other dye using same process. Now hang them in sunlight and let them dry naturally.

4.  Fabric Painting

Fabric PaintingThis is an optional stage but it adds desire beauty in your curtains. Paint your curtains with good fabric paints according to your mood, like making floral, animal, funky or any natural painting on it.

5. Hang them

Hang courtains

Your curtains are ready to be hanged. Hang them on your selected desired location.

Below there are few other DIY Curtain Ideas for you

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DIY Outdoors: Hang Relaxing Porch Swing

Your house outdoors are the best places to sit and relax in morning and evening. You can never have same relaxation inside your house as much as you would feel relaxed outside in your garden or porch area. Decorating your outdoors with different stuffs is really great and you can never get bored of decorating it even on the daily bases. There could be nothing more cozy and comfortable than a relaxing porch swing in your porch. Sitting on it giving you relaxing touch but sleep on it facing moonlight in romantic nights is also a good blessing. Hanging them is really no big science all you need to do is follow the following steps:


Get a Porch Swing

You can get this porch swing from any home style market. They come with different style, sizes and ranges. They have wooden and iron types, take the one of your choice. Wooden type is always recommended because of their durable nature and they don’t get bad with abrupt weather conditions. They would offer you ones with back head and without which you can select according to your choice.

Getting it Hanged

Porch swings look lovely when they are hanged and you can never eliminate the excitement that you get while hanging them to enjoy them easily. You can use either of rustic ropes, jute ropes or chain ropes. Chain ropes appear to be more reliable as can bear heavy usage due to their thickness. Get those hooks on your ceiling and hang them from both sides.

Furnishing Porch Swing



Your porch swing is just like your bed, it needs same decoration as our bed does. Put mattress or foam on it so that you can get relaxation. Cover it with any good linen and place cushions and pillows on its both sides. If you have back head on your swing then you can place two vertical cushions on side and four small square cushions on back head. Your porch swing is complete enjoy it!

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