DIY Outdoor: Making Porch Plants For Summer

How often do you decorate your house outdoor? Is it daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly? Well for me this is at least a week’s task as that’s the most favorite area of my house. The major thing is love to do is arranging my plants as I have made a nursery and that’s totally hectic as well as fun filled task in managing it. Buying plants is my hobby and I am sure this is attached with so many people as well. But don’t you think its an expensive hobby? Well, nah not for me as I have got trick in making these plants at home by myself. You can really make them in following ways easily and cheaply.

In Plastic Bottles

greenery potted plants hung on the fence

We usually get water, milk or soft drinks in disposable plastic bottles and by nature we throw them. Don’t throw them instead utilize in making plants from them. Cut the bottle neck portion from start to half and keep the rest half intact. Put some soil on it and place different plants from roots. Here you are done!

Steel Tins

porch plants - Steel Tins

If you get steel tins in your home outdoors like those of paints and heavy beverages like ensure, pedia sure and so on, then don’t waste them in garbage. Make them beautify your porch. Wash them completely, put potted soil, any plants with roots, again soil and then water them. They look beautiful


porch plants bowls

This is not weird! You can make plant pots with deep bowl too that you use in your different house chores. Get those of deeper ones and with same method described above make plants from them. Off course they can’t be used for big plants, but they can be used for those of small path side ones or even those you place between rocks on ponds. Here you are decorating your porch in easy way.


Below are few other ideas for Porch Plants

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Do You Know How To Decorate Your Dining Room Like An Expert?

Our dining rooms are an additional part of our house. It is because we can have those dining tables and chairs anywhere in kitchen, living room or even at our patio. Making and maintaining a dining room is very interesting thingy. Trust me I never get bore of decorating any part of my home and my dining room is something that keeps me busy always. Dusting and maintaining of things is daily house chores that can never be ignored. You can decorate your dining room in number of ways like:

1: Dining Table and Chairs:

Dinning Table

Dining table is the core requirement of a dining room and it has to be as beautiful and sophisticated as anything in this room to capture attention of your guests and off course yourself as well. There are many types of dining tables like wooden, glass, rod iron, steel and etc. Select a dining table that has wooden base and a glass top; you will find numerous designs matching this item. Get those chairs that complement your selected dining table in every manner. Most of the time they come in sets with dining table while other times you have to make your own combos.

2. Upholstery:


Make an upholstery on your dining table chairs. You can make a simple base or can make them into steps. Place vases, small plant pots or any other decorator item. It looks really good.

3. Table Center Pieces:

Table Center Pieces

Table center pieces are always great options to decorate your dining table. You can place flower vases, fruit and vegetable baskets, beautiful salt and pepper pots, candle stand, table mats, central table cloths or any other table decorations. You can also place cutlery stand which really facilitate you during lunch and dinners.

4. Wall Decorations:

Wall Decorations

You can place creative art frames on wall or can even place your family photos. Along with that you can fill your walls with good wallpapers too.

5. Lightning Fixtures and Lamps:

They illuminate your dining room and make it look beautiful. Place good lightning fixtures that complement your dining setup. Lamps are not only beautiful but romantic too. Place standing lamps on sides or corners of dining room to illuminate them romantically.


Few Other Dining Room Decorations

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DIY Gardening: How To Make A Pond In Your Garden

Your garden is really a biggest blessing for you and is always a fun filled task to decorate it more and more. You can decorate your garden with variety of things and among those great variety of things is making a pond in your garden. It sounds really tough and labor demanding task but trust me it is not that tough and within 5 to 10 days you can easily make a very good pond in your garden. Just follow the following steps:

1.       Selection of Area:

Off course the primary task is selection of an area. Select any corner of your house and start making the pond.

2.       Digging the Pond:

For that you would need a sharp axe. Ponds do need certain deepness in them to accommodate animals easily in winters. The colder your country is, the deeper should be the pond. Dig it deep with an axe. You have to make any one side of the pond sloppy so that animals can find good space to wander. When you dig that slope, keep the soil on the top side of the pond so that you can use it for later covering. After that remove small and big stones from pond area to make it fine.

3.       Lining the Pond:

Cover the exterior of pond with layer of sand. After that put any newspaper or burlap on it and after that finally place any waterproof liner on that newspaper which you can get from any home style market.

4.       Installing Pump and Edging the Pond:

Install pump on the central point of pond that can fetch good water when needed. Cut the pond liner about 5 inches to overlap it at the exterior. Put large stones on that exterior in level to the pond surface to make it look beautiful.

5.       Fill Water and Add Plants and Animals:

Fill water into pond via hose bit low to edge. Add water lilies and plants in it. You can place small plant pots on its edge too. Put frogs or fishes in the pond and enjoy it in your garden!

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