Insanely Smart 50+ DIY Valentine Card Ideas For You

Valentine cards are truly special as it covers the extra mile when you express you love to your loved ones. However valentine card ideas can begin from your home. Making personalized cards for your loved ones always conveys a bond of love. There is no need to buy expensive items. Basic things such as scissors, pencil, a glue stick and markers are enough to craft a craft paper. Here are few ideas:

  • Use the scrapbooking papers. They are the best though they appear simple. Use good color combination and make unique patterns and ensure your card has the required sophistication. Draw different shapes, flowers and patterns to create stunning decorations and make beautiful valentine card.
  • Add dimension to simple valentine card ideas. This can be done by attaching ribbons or three-dimensional flowers such that it adds interest to the cards.
  • Gently rub at the card edges an ink pad, it is a fascinating way to create a colorful edge and it also has softened edges.
  • Ensure the edges are decorative. You can do it with scissors or colors. Give wave edges and ensure sophisticated designs. You can experiment new ideas and also make mistakes. Do not fear, even from mistakes you will learn something new that will be useful next time.


Preparing cards are not new; it is into practice from your school days. Besides, now there are endless ways to make valentines card. Even if you lack ideas check the internet for valentine card ideas, you will be pleased as there are ideas to suit every person’s taste.

There are handmade card ideas to romantic and traditional styles, you may consider the relationship, personal taste and decide exactly on a card. Regardless of the number of gifts, always cards have a special place and are sure to impress the recipient.

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