2017 Wedding Trends -Top 12 Greenery Wedding Decoration Ideas

Weddings have always been a rejoicing event which every one awaits. An event which brings people together: the ones who got married and the others who were a part of that event and celebrated it. All that is left is the thoughtful selection of a perfect theme for it, the perfect decoration which defines the charisma and delight of that event, the kind of wedding decoration which can add fun and elegant details to the occasion. Wedding decorations can be at variance according to the seasons. Winters bring about comparatively dull colors including white and light grey or greens in the base. If the decorations of flowers in blue or peach are added to it, it signifies elegancy.


White flowers which are considered as a symbol of purity and innocence, used in the stage decorations create wonderful embellishments according to the motive. Candy buffets, Crystal chandeliers, lighted branches can be used in the ball room or wedding hall. On its outside, chalkboards for weddings can be used with white ribbon bows representing the reception and carpeted floors can be used as a sign to lead the way.


Crystal garlands and curtains enhance the essence of the wedding theme. The decorations in cutlery can be made by unique wedding décor. Tables centered with table centerpieces in white with peach or blue flowers or else with crystal trees add to the feel of the special day. The master wedding cake can be decorated with flower toppings surrounded by many flower banquettes makes it all the more worth it. Wedding decorations for spring or summers provide a wide range of color contrasts. In resemblance to the wedding dresses, the selection of colors is made for the decoration. Springs provide a beautiful surrounding in it, thus wedding halls can be ignored.


Red is called a color of love. If used in the wedding decorations, it attracts people. The use of gold or chrome adds to its beauty. Red roses, red ribbons or balloons, red carpets, strawberries and wall hangings used in proper synchronization but not in excess makes the event extraordinary. The soothing and calming color pink, orange: color of fun or cheerfulness and the most royal color; purple can be selected for the wedding theme. Banquettes, curtains, vases, invitation cards, baskets, trays, feathers, floral supplies, jewelry, mirrors and mirrors balls, table linens and chair covers and a lot more wedding decorations can be added to event to embellish it and can be taken it as fantastic moments.

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