DIY Décor: Best Ideas For Christmas Burlap Wreath

One of the important things of our houses is our doors and windows which we often forget to decorate. Most of our concentration circulates in different rooms and their accessories and we dare less to think about our doors. Beautiful and decorative doors not only add beauty to your house but our also the attraction of pedestrians passing by your house, in short it is good attentions drivers. There are many things that can help you decorating your house doors and among them burlaps are one. Wreaths are our common entrance door preferences and making them with burlap in easy and beauty filled task. Just follow these steps and you are done decorating your entrance:

Fold it and Pin it

Have you ever made your up hairdo while making it into loose curls? Yes, like this picture. Fold this burlap same like your hair do and keep pining it on every curl. Now shape this curled burlap in circle. Curly it is not necessary, you can also make this circle by making it in French braid style or even knotting it like you do in your hairs. It’s tricky but if you are good at hairstyling then you won’t find it problematic.

Making it Fine

Simple pining may not help you completely, you need to staple it again to give it a fine touch. Now your burlap wreath is ready and needs bit decoration.

Decorating Wreath

Final step is decorating this wreath. Ribbon flowers are easily available from market or you can make them yourself by folding them into flower shape and adding a pearl on center. Take four to five ribbon flowers and pin them on right top in ascending order. Now fold a ribbon like a bow and pin it on down left or down right. Here your beautiful burlap wreath is ready to be hanged on your door.

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